Scoop confusion

My goodness why can’t you make the portioning more simple? If I lost one of your special scoops, and I don’t have a scale (who has a food scale?), what is the equivalent in cups of a portion of Huel Black? You’ve made this too complex. Old scoops, new scoops, it’s difficult to find a clear answer.

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I have a food scale. It cost $10, I can mix larger or smaller portions, and I never have to think about scoops again.


We would love to clarify that for you Josh! You can still measure it with your shaker if you have that available. Approximately the serving size which is 400 calories and 2 scoops of Huel can be measured to be around 6 ounces on your shaker mark or a heaping 1/3 of a cup which equals to 90 grams.

However, we are always happy to assist our customers by sending scoops if they are in need of in order to measure them. Just drop us an email if you need more and we will be happy to help you with that!


Hello Domenique_Huel, I just got a scale, and I measured 1/3 of a cup to be about 43-45 grams. You said one heaping 1/3 cup is a 90g serving? Did you mean two equals one serving?

I have the black version, which takes a bigger scoop. 90g is more like a cup. 90 is also the serving size for two scoops. Maybe he mispoke?

I am still confused. Is 400 cal. of Huel black 1/3 cup or 2/3 cup?

1/3 cup is a single scoop. I have a metal one, but I also eat all my meals in single scoops.