Another Scoop Question

I’m likely going to be weighing my powder on a food scale but in the event I’m traveling, are the servings for Black and Original the same and are the scoops the same size?

I ask because I was on the UK forums earlier and someone mentioned a scoop is 90g for black vs 100g for Original. Not sure if it’s the same for the US Market. I’m assuming that has more to do with weight and density but not sure.

That’s correct.

Huel Black is 90g for 400kcal in the US
Huel Reg is 100g for 400kcal in the US

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I have read (I’m pretty sure it was from someone at Huel that posted it, I think on their subreddit) saying that the Huel Black is slightly less dense, and the same sized scoop will give you the 90g powder vs 100g of the regular stuff.

Thanks everyone, appreciate you clarifying that the same Scoop can be used for both.

I do not think that same scoop would works for 90g. I was expecting to receive a new scoop with my black version huel order. Please, could someone from Huel verify this?

Roughly that’s correct. So the scoop is the same for v3.0 and Black Edition.

Scoops are a relatively inaccurate measurement. If you want to make sure you’re getting bang on 90/100g use a set of kitchen scales.