Which scoops for which products?

Hi. I received an order today of the Superblend and several white scoops. A couple of the clear scoops were included in the shipment. The clear scoops look smaller than the white scoops. Which scoops are for what Huel products? Thx.

Hi @Squirrel welcome to the US forum! :hugs:

For our Huel Powder, Black Edition, and Instant Meals range you use our larger white scoop.**
For our Complete Protein and Superblend you use the clear scoop.**
For Huel Daily Greens you use our smaller white scoop.

**I looked at you order and these are the two kinds you were sent!

If you have any questions or need more clarification on this just send through a pic of the scoops you have and I can tell you which ones you’ve been sent!

Got it, thanks much.


Suggestion… Get yourself a food scale and go off weight instead of scoop size