Missing Scooper

Anyone receive an order missing a scooper? Anyone know what the equivalent scoop size is?

New scoop size is 50 grams. That way 2 scoops come to 100 grams which is 400 calories of Huel.

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Okay cool thanks, so 1/4 a cup for one and 1/2 cup for 2

Hey Ryan. It’s about a heaping 3/4 cup for the 400 calories meal. I’ll send you a scoop now.

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Hey Tyler. I saw there is a new scoop size, and like that it’s a smaller portion, but I did not see the option to include a new scoop with my order. If I placed one today, is it still possible to get one included?

I just bought 3 bags and didn’t get a scooper. What should I use to measure it with

You have to keep your scoop they don’t send one with every order.

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