Do Huel's scoop sizes vary?

My first Huel purchase was not a subscription purchase; I bought my first two bags (Vanilla) on Amazon, and they came with a scoop. To distinguish, think of it as the “cylindrical” scoop.

When those bags ran out, I subscribed and bought one bag each of Berry and Chocolate. Somewhere in that package was another scoop, that I’d call more “bowl-like” (flat bottom, steeply raked sides).

My question is simple: Does anyone know if these two scoop designs hold equivalent quantities of Huel/can be used interchangeably regardless of which flavor/variety of Huel I’m using? Thanks.

I’m pretty sure the scoop you got from the amazon purchase is more than likely the older, smaller scoop. The one you described from the subscription sounds like the one I have which is a 50 gram scoop.


What gsenteno said is correct. Amazon had the old Huel/scoop. Use the new scoop on the new Huel :slight_smile: