Save the planet

Today is my first day on huel. I love it. I suffer with gluten so I figured if I could drink this in the mid morning and it should hold me till I got home for dinner. I don’t have a bathroom at work so this really seems like it may work. I’m 1 drink/ meal in and I’m stuffed and happy.

In my excitement I tried to tell others. Some overweight, Some unhealthy, But mainly because it really seems to work as described. An inexpensive and easy meal replacement. 3 wins.

Everyone I showed had read up on it and quickly turned it down. Their reason was because of this save the planet hype. I didn’t see it when I ordered but I do feel the same. I went without meat for weeks and was ruined. Then I went on the carnivore diet and never felt better. The whole climate change crap and cow farts is a liberal talking point. Go back to the 70’s and 80’s when they non stop talked about global cooling. If huel thinks they are making an impact on the world I will of coarse finish my bags but I’m not really into this type of false advertising/ posturing. To bad.

Hey Bissmo, so stoked you love your Huel! Which Huel are you using at the moment? Welcome to the forum!

Apologies, but I’m not totally seeing what you mean. It is absolutely true that a huge part of Huel’s existence and our mission is driven around reducing the impact we have on the environment, specifically through reducing food waste and reducing the amount of animal produce consumed. Both of which have been extensively shown to have a positive effect on our individual and collective impacts. We have included a huge amount of references to these facts in our Sustainability Report we released in 2020.

However, that isn’t all that Huel is about. There are many reasons why people use Huel. You’ve eluded to some yourself :point_down:

Huel being a good way to reduce person impact on the environment doesn’t take away from any of those benefits. We are food for your most inconvenient meal, and extremely nutritious food at that.

Whether the environmental side of our brand speaks to you or not doesn’t matter, just enjoy your Huel for all the reasons you like it, surely?


I think the environment is extremely important. Being a ecologist myself I see little impact from food choice. Much of the climate issues we now see is directly from climate control operations to reduce global warming which have led to major longer term issues. Strontium, barium, graphene is added into the cloud layer to reflect the suns intensity. Google will debunk this but I know many who have taken samples and also have the parents located. Sounds liked a good idea but this has led to contamination due to the lack of UV entering the earth. Uv sterilizes. Keeps our soil and water clean.

Also red meat is necessary for optimal health. Plant based only diets will actually harm billions of people world wide.

I’m not knocking the effort but it seems more like posturing to me. Trying to entertain the new wave of vegetarians and plant based crowd. I can assure you this group is much smaller than most believe it to be.

Regardless I like the product a lot and thank you for the follow up. I just can not convince anyone I know to purchase due to the message.

There’s so many ways I could go with the mild trolling of this post that I don’t even know where to begin…

Do your research, read Dr. Gregor’s books and cite your sources.

This is all factual information. I enjoy huel and just placed my second order. It lasted me 1/2 as long as expected because I drink so much of it. I went numerous days with nothing but.

As far as trolling I can’t make people react differently about certain topics. They are allowed their own opinions arent they? When we all drive teslas we aren’t allowed to charge,’or freeze to death due to climate engineering and shutting down everything other than “renewable” energy I’ll remember your book. I have a list of 81 USA patents if you want to read mine.