Sample packs of "new vanilla" would be appreciated

The last vanilla was horrific. The choco is good, but the vanilla, oh god.

I’d like to “try” it, and if I liked it, I’d buy it, but I really don’t want to spend 60 bucks on something that was so barely edible last time.

Throw some in a zip lock and charge five bucks?

AAAAAAAAAGHHH I literally just got my shipment of “old vanilla” in the mail–haven’t even opened the box–then today I get an email about NEW VANILLA!!! :sob:

The sample idea is cool—maybe for all flavors! I’d pay a five spot for it!

New vanilla? I dunno which one I have but I love it. Hope it didn’t change too much if I have the old.

Just got the email. Blah. I like the old one. Hope it’s not overly sweet.

I see in the email that is says the “Original” vanilla won’t be able to be added to new subscriptions after a time. Does that mean Original will no longer be available at all? Or just until inventory runs out?
Making the ol’ switch to the new vanilla instead? Just curious.

I’ll order and try the new vanilla next.

Don’t worry. After a period of time they’ll go back to the original vanilla. It will be with new flashy packaging and labeled “Huel Vanilla Classic.”. Remember “New Coke” and “Coke II”?

I want to know the answers to these questions too. Is this Vanilla v1.2? The old one was fine and I’ll order some of the new one, but are they replacing it entirely? And what is the difference?

sample packs would be great

I got a bag of vanilla that I’m having a hard time finishing

I prefer the taste of the unflavored huel!

am I crazy for liking unflavored better?!?!


From what I understand both vanilla flavors will be available. The old is just called “original” now. The new vanilla is supposed to have less artificial sweetener and more vanilla flavor. At least that’s what I got from the email. :man_shrugging:

Yes. Yes, you are. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in this particular case you are crazy.

(Exception: Unless you blend a bunch of stuff into your U/U Huel to flavor it, in which case my rebuttal is wrong.)


If there’s a new vanilla I hope it’s like v1.0

No - the sweetener they are using is horrible.

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Why do you say that?

Went to see if New Vanilla might have gotten rid of the Stevia, but sadly no.

I sometimes blend stuff into U/U

and sometimes I don’t

I like it both ways

so I guess I am a lil crazy :crazy_face:

How do I tell which one is new vanilla and which one is old vanilla. In the store site, there is only one vanilla, the same one as it has been. Now I am confuse LOL

they got stevia in huel??? i thought there are none plus the sugar content is super low. stevia is not considered as sugar?

In the flavored powders a mixture of sucralose and stevia is used. Neither are classed as sugar, they are sugar substitutes because they are not digested to provide calories (essentially).

The unflavoured unsweetened version contains no sweeteners and it’s recommended you flavor this yourself.

call me crazy but I like the taste of the current vanilla. Very oaty.

I heard the Coca-Cola Company is selling New Coke again.

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