New Vanilla is Cake Batter

Just tried the new vanilla and my bf and I have come to a consensus…it tastes like cake batter! And no more fake sugar flavor! I like it better, but my bf prefers the original. Anyone else try it and agree?

I also suggest keeping the original vanilla and just renaming this one as cake batter, since I’m sure lots of other people prefer the old like my bf does.

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So how would I know if I have New Vanilla? I just got a shipment yesterday. It doesn’t say “New” on it.

U have new vanilla if it tastes like cake batter

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Lol, I guess I don’t then.

See. It really is that simple, people. popcorn is here to keep us in line and keep dreaming that dream.

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If it just says “vanilla” it’s the new one. The old one says “original vanilla” on it.


Hm. I guess I do have it then. Gotta say, I didn’t notice the difference.

You didn’t notice a flavor difference? I feel like I’m super sensitive to fake sugar, so the difference really stood out to me.

This was revelatory for me… I think m vanilla packages have all said “Original”. Now I guess I have something to look forward to on my next shipment?? Is there some place we can select between the two, or will the new Vanilla just replace Original Vanilla as it runs out of stock?

You can choose between the two at the “Manage Subscription” page. I had Original Vanilla forever, trying the (new) Vanilla this week!

Yeah, I just recieved four bags and the new vanilla smells and tastes exactly like play- dough… shudder. Loved original, the new not so much

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So will the new vanilla eventually phase out the original, much the same as the original 1.0 gave way to the 1.1 version (in the US)?

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That’s correct! Original vanilla will fade out once the stock is out.

This makes me sad. I finally found something that works and I loved it! But the berry tastes different, and this new vanilla is like drinking cake batter! Now my shelf of huel doesn’t have the appeal it did, and I truly loved the way it was! I’ve lost weight and feel much better, but these changes are not pleasant to all of us.

Why couldn’t y’all leave the original flavors and add new? I’ll keep using huel, but I will be shopping for something better soon. I don’t want to use flavor packets very often, they’re way too sweet.

Y’all getting like Wal-Mart, when something works, change it quick, no way people are allowed to enjoy what they want! Executive decisions really stink sometimes.


So I’ve been ordering Huel for more than a year now and haven’t had a single negative thing to say about it. This new “vanilla” flavor though is not a good change in any way. I think it tastes more artificial now then ever. It does taste like cake batter but not in a good way. Even with adding my normal instant coffee, cocoa powder, and greens powder it overpowers any of those flavors. I’ll be switching back to the original for as long as I can and figure it out from there I guess.

Just found out about this. Definitely going to move my subscriptions over to the new vanilla. Can’t wait to taste it next month.

The original vanilla is still there

@JKDOS you are correct that is still available but I believe it is only for those with a subscription. It does not show as an option for new subscribers.

However, I love Huel and have for the last year or so but this new flavor is not good. I wouldn’t get too excited about getting it just yet.

Is there a way for me to order the original vanilla still, whether from Amazon or Huel?

I love the original vanilla, and I don’t really like the new one so far, though I’m hoping I can learn to like it.