Sample packs of chocolate/berry flavors?


I used Huel for a long while, but could not stand the “vanilla” because the sweetner used in it is gross to me. So I used to infuse the unflavored with some flavored protein powder.

Is there a way to sample the berry and chocolate flavors without buying a full bag? That’s a big commitment to try something I very well might not like.

Edit, I went ahead and bought a bag of each. I just hope I like em.

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Good luck buddy! You can alway try to overpower the flavour by adding stuff you like.

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Unfortunate reality is, if I don’t like them I’ll probably throw them out like I did the vanilla flavor. All I can taste in the vanilla is the sweetener.

Ironically, the ready to drink huels, the sweetner is a bit more subdued and I “can” drink them. So I’m hoping that’s been an over all change since the last time I bought the powder.

I mean, I think many tend to do 50/50 with the Unsweetened/Unflavoured to avoid the issue that you mention. I do not know if this could be a solution for you. But it seems you already bought the next batch :sweat_smile:

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We don’t currently have samples available @skelooth. So sorry about that! I see you already purchased the 2 bags. If you find you don’t like the flavors, I’d recommend making your shake with 50% berry or chocolate Huel and 50% unflavored Huel. Perhaps that option will work for you. :slight_smile:

Got the bags of both berry and chocolate, and they both taste fine. I’d even venture out to say the chocolate flavor is “good” by MRP standards.

Not sure if it’s a v1 vs v2 type situation, but it’s all edible, and will probably buy more chocolate in bulk.


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