One and done...I guess

I got my first order of Huel a month ago, I ordered Chocolate, Berry, and Original Vanilla.

The chocolate was hard to get through, it has such a strange taste (not in a good way)
The berry is too gross to even drink
The original vanilla is good, with fruit mixed in

So i came online to change my subscription to vanilla only, but saw the posts about them changing the flavor. Now I’m worried that the new flavor will be as bad as the other two. So I guess I’m moving on from Huel. I’m probably in the minority, since they felt the need to change it. Too bad for me, I guess.


I think it takes a rare person to take their first drinks of Huel and think, “Wow, this is great!” You really gotta tinker with the taste or even just stay persistent and you might just come around. Something I’ve started doing lately as adding Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk taste really good and has a strong taste to carry over when mixed with Huel. You’ve already got three bags of this stuff, might as well use it and see if you find something that works.


GENIUS idea!!! I miss the taste of Muscle Milk, it genuinely tasted like a milkshake and the pro series offered a significant amount more of protein. I really hadn’t considered it, but adding the vanilla Muscle Milk to Berry Huel would be a great way to get through the flavor!

YO, check out some of the recipes that i’ve added to the forums!!

i just started with Huel about a month ago and have been tweaking my shakes on the regular to find that sweet spot…BUT THEY ALL TASTE SO DAMN GOOD!!