Running my first half marathon in six years on Sunday

I started a running streak 134 days ago. I decided that I needed to lose some weight and found nutrition to be a real problem for me. I found Huel and have replaced all except dinner with it.

So far I have dropped roughly 20 lbs and I will be running a half marathon on Sunday for the first time in six years. Huel was not the super solution that made everything else possible, but I do really appreciate the ease and completeness that it provides. I just pack a couple of portions when I leave for work and don’t have to worry about a thing.

Hopefully you all have the same experience,
Chris S.


GO YOU! All the best and I’m so happy you had such success! :smiley:


That is so awesome to hear, Chris! How did your marathon go?! (You’re already a winner in our book. :wink::trophy:)

Just a half marathon, but I killed it! I was hoping to finish at around two hours. I finished in 1:54 (That’s an 8:43 mile which is crazy fast for me)

Thanks for askingQ


You go, Chris! Way to make the Hueler community proud!