First Huel today. Looking forward to this new chapter

Hi forum crew,
I am getting back in to distance running and have been having real issues with nutrition. I have started Huel today. It seems like a great solution for me. I just made my first shake, and I like it. I am going to have to try some things with the consistency. My first try was a little thinner than I expected.

I plan to check in from time to time. Hopefully with success stories.

Have a great weekend,


I made this one thicker, with more ice, and added cinnamon this morning. It was fantastic. So far, none of the digestive issues that others have written about. I am trying to start slow and build from there.

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Even if you get it, it will pass quickly. Good luck, love Huel after 2 months of mostly Huel. Down 12 pounds.


Way to go @Jeremy_Brewer and @Chris_Smith! Looking forward to hearing about more of your progress! :muscle: :tada: