Big weight loss after a month and 1/2!

Hi! I’m 36 years old, 208 pounds. I started using Huel a month and a half ago and I’ve lost 12 pounds. I didn’t like the vanilla flavor at first but I’ve now come to look forward to it!

I replace lunch and dinner with Huel. Breakfast is oatmeal with fruit and milk or scrambled eggs and bacon. I do a mid-morning snack of dark chocolate or celery and sunflower seed butter or an orange. I allow myself one cheat meal a week which is usually a weekend brunch.

I’ve been walking 10,000 steps a day and feel much happier to do it without getting winded. I was really out of shape, getting better every day.

Only wish I’d started Huel earlier!


That’s awesome! And thank you for posting this. I’m 49 and started out at 200, gone 100% Huel (was fine on 100% Soylent, so I figured why not) and have lost about 2 pounds my first week. Your results are inspiring and I’ll add more exercise to my regimen. (There’s a coat rack… erm treadmill with my name on it in the basement.)


Haha! I know about those expensive coat racks. Boy, do I ever. So glad you had a great first week with Huel. I’m crossing my fingers that it keeps going for us both.

One thing I noticed about the GF Huel is that I’m sleeping better at night. I had a series of allergy tests - two different doctors - back in 2005. I didn’t expect to see anything beyond ragweed/pollen but lo and behold - the biggest enemy was “cereal grains” (Regular oats, wheat, etc). I was pretty conscious about changing my diet for awhile but hated having to plan my meals around it. Now, of course, there’s GF stuff everywhere. But I’ve never been able to get on the bandwagon. Too lazy. Now, I’m limiting cereal grains to the occasional breakfast and going GF the rest of the day with Huel. I haven’t stopped them altogether, especially during my weekly cheat meal, but the ratio is so very much better.

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Hmm… I haven’t had any allergy tests done, but I may try a bag of GF just to see if it makes a difference for me as well.

Same here. In 2 weeks. 2 scoop twice a day. Start 284. Now 270. Keep it up!


I’ve already lost weight from 190 to 175, but I’ve been using Keto Fire with a bit of the diet, fasting, and CrossFit. Will Huel make me strong in a ripped way? I don’t like being too small and weak. but I don’t wanna be fat and bloated

Been on Huel since May 2018. started at 290 lbs. now in Sept 2018 259lbs. One in the morning for breakfast and one for lunch . I use only two scoops. Stopped eating and drinking junk. I ride my road bike about a 120 miles per month. The real test is coming now that winter will be here. Good luck to you ! Huel makes it easy for me


How’s it been going? Still doing two a days with Huel?