RTU vs Power (Texture/Taste)

New Hueler here!

Since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use long term via a subscription I ordered one of everything.

So far the RTU is the clear winner over the power, which is a shame because I would prefer to use the power due to lower cost per use and lower waste. I did notice there is a slight difference in ingredients (Oats first vs Pea Protein), but I assume they have basically the same health benefits?

While I find the taste of the RTU (both the berry and vanilla) to be better than the power, the biggest difference is the texture. Is there something I’m doing wrong or can do different to get the creamier/smoother texture of the RTU?

My first power experience was just to add water, add powder, shake, add a little more water and shake again like the directions said and it was gritty at best. I’ve gone to putting in the fridge after mixing for a bit, and its better-passible but it’s still not as good as the RTU.

What are you all doing? Anything that I can add to get the same experience without taking too much time. If I have to take the time to measure/blend/whatever, I might as well cook an quick meal, which contrary to the point of Huel in my life.

In general I’m happy with Huel and am glad there are products like it around. I feel they were made for me. I would often go through the day without eating anything. Until the evening, I would realize I was hungry and eat anything I could. Like ALL. THE. THINGS. Obviously, that was not good for my overall health or my waistline! As a bonus, I love that Huel is dairy/soy free and vegan friendly. I’m not a vegan (I love steak too much) but I do think it might be a healthy direction to lean.

My only complaint would be the use of Splenda as a sweetener. It makes both my wife and Bro-in-law double over in stomach cramps. So I’ll start getting the unsweetened version on my next order. Assuming I can get the texture right that is. Is there a list of comparable sweeteners to add anywhere? Local honey perhaps? I guess that would mess with the calorie count.

Anyway, I ramble…
TLDR; How do I get the power to taste and more importantly feel like the RTU?

I don’t know what the rtd tastes like

You get a much smoother powder huel with a blender.

I also feel like 3 minutes or less is all I want to spend

Immersion blender for 20 seconds fits nicely in this plan; drink in about as much time, “blend” clean water, and rinse: done.

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There is a notable difference between them.

I’ll try with my immersion. That’s doable. I just didn’t want to mess with getting out and cleaning our Blendtec. Thanks!

That also would allow me to stick in a 1/4 banana or maybe avocado to up the creaminess.

Like miked suggests, a blender may be the way to go. I haven’t tried a blender yet, but plan too. I’m having the same issues as you, though I haven’t tried the RTD. One thought would be to try Blending the Powder, in Bulk. Then later when you mix it up in a bottle it’d be better? I know mine is often clumpy, but i’ve been using the huel bottles without a mixing ball… That’s another thing you could try, A Blender Bottle, or something that helps mix the huel better. I think they sell the mixing balls on ebay or amazon for $1, but idr if they’re shipped from china or not. I’m thinking of picking a few up myself…

You could always just use a blender on occasion, when you have the time, and / or want to add some banana / avocado etc. GOOD LUCK!

(I hate the idea of using a blender too, but it’s probably about time I just do it…)