Newbie and loving it! Also question about RTD

I am 3 days into being a Hueligan and I am loving it! I like the chocolate powder and love the vanilla! I even added another bag to my next shipment because I want to do breakfast and lunch most days.

My question is whether or not the RTD bottles are the same flavor as the powders? I want to try the berry, but I’m not willing to buy a whole bag without trying it.

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Welcome!! And I am so happy to hear that! :slight_smile:

Berry RTD and Berry v3.0 powder have some differences in flavor/texture as well as their macronutrient splits. I did ask around to gather a few different opinions on the differences in flavor/texture (because everyone’s preferences differ)! Here’s some of the opinions I was able to gather: with regard to flavor and texture, RTD is smoother as it comes premade and has a more robust and pronounced berry flavor in comparison to the powder. Some may also find the powder has a little more of an oat taste to it (in addition to a berry taste) when compared to RTD which tastes more berry.

I hope this helps! And if would like to give Berry v3.0 powder a try, and you find that after trying it you do not enjoy it (but we hope you love it), let me know and I can definitely help you out!