Q: Product Comparison (ready2drink v powder)

Hello! My coach stocked some Huel ready to drink in Vanilla, and it was DELICIOUS, and filling. I’m to the point that I’d like to incorporate it into my daily food intake. However, I’ve searched the forums, and can’t really find an answer to this Q:

Can someone please compare the flavor of the Vanilla ready to drink to the Vanilla powder? I would prefer to purchase the bags (storage reason) but with no sample packs available, it’s a big ask to purchase w/o knowing. It’s ok if you don’t particularly like the Vanilla, I’m just trying to figure out if it is similar once mixed. I assume it is, but again, no sample lol.

Thank you!

They have very different textures.

It’s been a while since I did RTD, but I remember them being much smoother, creamier, and tastier than the powder, which is more gritty.

Everyone is different, but the RTDs to me are more enjoyable. I order powder in the end because they’re cheaper, and as I recall have better macros.

I can’t speak for vanilla, but since there aren’t many replies, I figured I would post. I have had the chocolate in both. As the previous poster mentioned, the texture is definitely way grittier with the powder. The flavor is also more dull and less sweet. The powder is at least equally as filling as the RTD and perhaps even more so.

The RTD is my product of choice when it is actually in stock. I personally do not like the powder flavor, so when it is not in stock, I go to their competitor’s RTD.

But, flavor is subjective obviously, so your best bet is to just suck it up and buy the powder if you don’t want the RTD. You can also add things to your blender if you want to supplement the flavor. Worst case scenario, just hold your nose while drinking it for a month!

thanks so much to both of you! you’ve been very helpful :slight_smile: