RTD consistency question

So, I tried the new RTD and loved it! Question…how do they get it so silky smooth? I prefer the consistency over regular Huel.

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Blending blending blending and then some more fast speed blending!


I have a Ninja 1000 watt Professional blender at home with 3 sets of blades at different heights within the blender. I let it run about 2 minutes and get the a similar consistency to the RTD.

Silky smooth texture!


Actually, Tyler. The secret is in the delivery. They just ship the powdered Huel and water in a plastic bottle, unshaken. Then Fed Ex does the rest with it’s aggressive driving and delivery.



That’s the main “pro” of the RTD products. Their consistency is “silky smooth” due to industrial blending. Similar with protein products. They are very pleasant to drink, I agree!

It does have less protein. Other people say that using a blender also makes it smoother, so maybe they have some sort of a special blender that they use. Also, I don’t know how this works, but they have processes where they can force particles to suspend and each other when they normally wouldn’t be able to do that, so I don’t know that it is actually a process we could do at home. The actual company may not want to say how they do it because they don’t want to give away how they make their product, which is understandable, but you could probably figure out how other companies do it and what processes they used to have these things be so smooth. However, I don’t think it would help you much anyways because you couldn’t do it in your home very easily. Definitely let us know what you find out and I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. They also have an advantage when they make the drinkable version because they can have one part B a liquid, and then one part be a solid, or for the drinkable version, they could have all of the products actually be liquid so it will automatically be smooth. But it is really hard to have oats be a liquid would probably be impossible, so I would assume they use some sort of emulsification process to force suspend the oats in the liquid. Also, I don’t know if they decided to put less protein because it won’t last as long, or because of the texture. If it was because of the texture, I wish they would just add it back.

Ninja 1000 watt Professional series blender. 3 sets of blades. About 2 minutes blending gives a very similar texture to the RTD

Does it taste the same

Sabra Ewing

It is very close. The only RTD I have had is berry, and the powder heavily blended is close. There is a subtle difference that is most likely do to the extra protein in the powder. The texture of the powder heavily blended in my opinion is much better than just shaken.

it’s done by magic… :wink: