RTD Feedback - Berry or Vanilla?

Hey Huelers!

We figured we’d get your feedback on our RTD product and start an open discussion while we’re at it. :slight_smile:

Which RTD flavor do you guys like more - berry or vanilla?

Also, which flavors of RTD would you like to see in the future? What’s your dream RTD flavor? Hit us up with all the suggestions!

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Berry RTD 4 life here!

I want a savory flavor–something like spicy tomato!

How bout a mango flavor?


Berry RTD is the best.

Vanilla RTD has a terrible, chemical, aftertaste – it’s actually worse than the Soylent Vanilla RTD.

Next, we need a true, rich, deep-authentic, fudgy-chocolate RTD flavor.


Mint. Chocolate. Chip. :joy: Or ya know, chai maybe?


Berry is great, Vanilla is okay. A RTD with caffeine would be awesome, maybe a coffee or even chai flavored.



Would also prefer something with more protein

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Coffee would be good too


Berry for me, I started out drinking Berry and Vanilla on alternate days but I seriously lost my appetite for the Vanilla after a couple of months, to the point where I had to add Nesquick chocolate syrup just to get through the last of my supply. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was I didn’t like but I now only drink Berry.

A good chocolate RTD would be my first choice for a new flavor - I’ve tried the chocolate Soylent RTD and liked it a lot.


With the current RTD formulas, I give a slight edge to Berry. I drink 'em both, but Berry is a little better.

There is clearly one RTD flavor that needs to be next: chocolate. It’s the one I see asked about the most around here. It’s the one I’d be most interested in. And, it would complete the Neapolitan Ice Cream law of thermodynamics which states that any successful product must contain strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors.

After chocolate, the next best move is to come up with a coffee/mocha/latee type of flavor with a modest amount of caffeine, like 50 or 60 mg. It would be the breakfast replacement.

I don’t drink much caffeine, so this isn’t meant for me. And I am not saying you need to make it an “energy drink”. But adding some instant coffee (with the natural caffeine and it’s other natural ingredients) to a RTD Huel is clearly a market you need to engage in. There are a lot of people who would want this as a breakfast meal replacement. How many people are too busy in the morning to make breakfast before work, end up eating a 400-ish calorie snack at work plus a coffee? That’s your target audience for that.


No. Just… no. I’m putting you in a time out.


Berry is my favorite.

Would love to see salted caramel or peanut butter.


Banana flavor would also be good.


My top desires in order (some already mentioned by others but hey, the more votes, the merrier):

  1. Chai
  2. Chocolate
  3. Pineapple/banana
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I would love it if they made a coffee version with about 95-100mg of caffeine in it which is about how much is in a normal cup of coffee. That way I could stop drinking coffee, which adds unwanted sugar to my diet.

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Vanilla sucks … Berry is awesome!

I’d love a banana flavour but not the same chemical taste as the boosters :v:t3:

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I bought an expresso machine for like 40 bucks which basically makes caffeine shots. I add an once of the expresso to my first two Huel shakes of the day. To the chocolate flavor, it makes it taste like mocha. The expresso is better than just adding regular coffee because you’re getting much more caffeine in without having to put much coffee in the mix.

According to a quick google search, an ounce of expresso coffee has 64 mg of caffeine.

Yeah, that’s what I used to do when I was making my shakes from the powder. Espresso really adds a nice flavor. I would also buy the Cold Brew bottles at Whole Foods and add that and it would suffice. But I don’t have time to make the shakes in the morning anymore. I work from 7am-4pm then I have graduate courses from 5:30pm to 10pm m-f. So this is why I’m trying out the Ready to Drink version. Would love to have a caffeine infused coffee flavor in those.

Ah, yes. Complete forgot this was specifically about the RTD version, my bad. I have a similar schedule to yours, away from home all day. I carry around my powdered Huel around in my backpack all day and use water from water fountains or water bottles. I get that may not be for everyone though.

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