New to Huel - Wishing for chocolate RTD

I just got my first box of Berry RTD. I have been an avid soylent user to get some additional calories / if im busy have a healthy quick meal vs bad food. I think the huel RTD taste pretty good but I think chocolate RTD would be fantastic.

I see that there are flavor boosters. Has anyone used them on the vanilla RTD? Its not as convenient as having it pre mixed but it might do in the meantime. I really hope more RTD flavors come out soon, especially chocolate.

I too would love to hear about anyone who has used a flavor boost in Huel RTD🙂 And while I can’t give out any juicy RTD secrets, keep an eye open in the future😉 If you have any further questions just give us a shout.

I’ll second this. I think a chocolate RTD formulation would be excellent.

just thought to throw in this…

I tried the Mint Chocolate Boost with Vanilla RTD. It ended up being way too sweet (Vanilla RTD is sweet enough as is). Would love some more RTD flavors. While Vanilla RTD is good, I do get tired of it.