So disappointed with v3

I loved the old version, the new version is chalky and clumps no matter what I do… I can deal with the taste, or try the flavor things you can buy, but I can’t deal with the clumps… any advice?


I use an immersion blender

It takes about 20 seconds to blend the powder
(Admittedly, i sometimes zone out a bit watching it swirl)

Cleanup is another 15-20 seconds in clean water

It’s a tool every kitchen should have :slight_smile:

I always blend mine with some berries. I work from home, though, so I don’t have to worry about being mobile. But with the berries, it is delicious. Honestly, I have never even tried it plain :blush:

I use a little Oster personal blender, always have. Very simple, and no more cleanup than using the blender bottle. It’s about 20oz, so if you make a shake that’s larger than that, the immersion blender is a better option.

By the way, some have reported success with v.3 by shaking the bottle upside down. I guess that uses the grate more effectively?

Yeah, but the problem is a lot of us use this at work. Not every office has a blender readily available. If the product comes with and is supposed to be used with a shaker, you shouldn’t have to take these extra steps just to make the product bearable.

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I can’t deal with the taste. I just emailed asking for a refund on the new stuff and ordered a dozen of the old flavor. I’m hoping they’ll see the error in their ways and bring it back. If not then I guess I’ll have find another product/vendor :frowning:


Some people mix the night before so it can soak until breakfast, you could mix at breakfast and store in a food thermos (or the shaker) until lunch.

I know, your office doesn’t have a decent refrigerator… or sink, water, electricity, or anything else that makes it easier to use Huel. “Extra steps to make the product bearable” is why RTD was made… I guess you might be inconvenienced by a threaded cap or a pull tab or whatever holds the product in the bottle until you want it - I have no idea because 3 minutes worth of Huel for breakfast is easy enough for me; I offered my experience with an inexpensive kitchen gadget as a solution to clumps… but you have stricter requirements than I know how to help.

You’re an ass for even posting that. I said I didn’t have a blender - that’s all (SUPER STRICT REQUIREMENTS). You don’t have to be that way. Of course my office has electricity and a refrigerator. Huel sells a product that is supposed to be easy to make in a bottle. I shouldn’t have to deal with a sarcastic asshat just because I disagreed that I have to blend a product that isn’t supposed to need blending. You got your panties in a bunch because someone disagreed. Get a life.


What are you even talking about?
Even the instructions on the bag say,

making the perfect huel:
add 17 fl oz of water
add 2 level scoops
shake hard for 10 seconds.

now with the new 3.0 we need a blender, or refrigerate overnight, or some special way of shaking, waiting an hour and adding more water before shaking again?

The purpose of the powder is to add water and shake it… its perfectly reasonable to expect a smooth shake and not something clumpy.


omg, you think I’m the ass?!?

All i said was that i use a blender and that it’s really easy… in reply to the OP asking for advice, but didn’t specify restrictions other than “no clumps”

In response to “yeah, but at work…” i suggested mix at home so you can use whatever tools you have, then take what is effectively your DIY RTD Huel to work. I added the sarcasm because I expected further complaint that no place to refrigerate, or sink for cleanup, or whatever other reason my suggestion to figure it out wasn’t going to work. If the bag said mix with water in the shaker then eat the clumps with a fork, would that help set expectation? idk what else can be done.

But whatever; call me an asshat, tell me to get a life.

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