New RTD Chocolate Formula

Chocolate RTD has been a huge part of my daily diet for a long time now, and I get 3 boxes every 5-6 weeks. I enjoy a fair bit of hot and savory flavors too, but this is really the only drink I like.

When the formula change came around, the taste bothered me a little, but I’ve grown accustomed to it. But what I haven’t been able to shake is little clumps in my drinks. I have shaken each bottle SO MUCH before I drink, but I always end up drinking several (small) chocolate chunks, which is less than pleasant.

I don’t really want to stick my RTD in a blender every time I want one, but it’s getting a bit frustrating. I love Huel and really love RTD, but texture is really big for me, and I can’t do chunky drinks.

Is this a known issue that might get resolved or should I stick to the hot and savory from now on?

Hey @Pangolin - welcome to the US Huel forum. :grin:

Sorry to hear this, Nathan. I completely understand and this certainly doesn’t sound right to me! I’ve just sent you a direct message to grab a bit more information and assist further.

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I got a new order and it’s smooth! Thanks so much for all the help!

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