Chocolate RTD Huel is Here = Winner!

Oh, my! Six boxes of RTD Chocolate were delivered today. Not sure why FedEx won’t deliver more than three boxes in a shot, but that’s another discussion for another thread. Tomorrow the rest of the delivery should arrive.

The Chocolate RTD is just fantastic! Smooth taste. Rich. Creamy. Has the mouthfeel of a thick malted milkshake! There is no strange aftertaste – at all, in any way, and believe me, I waited, and waited, and waited… for it to hit me! SMILE!

I drank mine hot out of the box; loved it. Added a little ice to chill it up; loved it even more.

I like the Chocolate RTD Huel better than the Soylent Cacao. I hope Huel made enough of this stuff, because it is going to sell out, like really, super, fast!

I’m so delighted today. A whole new, nutritious taste treat is finally here – and ready for the gulping!



P.S. The shipping box was about half too tall, but the box itself was super thick and tough! Lots of internal paper to top off the box, though.


We knew you would love it!! Thanks for the feedback and sorry it was split into two shipments.

Would love to reshare this image and quote you on social media. Would we be OK to reshare this on social and use it for ads/emails etc? :crossed_fingers:


This deserves a play of “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins.

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Hey Tim!

Yes, the photo would’ve been better with 8 boxes instead of 6 – but we take what we get, and we like it nonetheless! SMILE!

The Chocolate RTD is really amazing. I was expecting a darker, fudgier taste, but this is a lighter mouthfeel, refreshing and, without question, chocolatey. No chocoholic would be able to deny the taste flavor you provide is completely satisfying. No way!

I also think shaking the RTD Chocolate adds a discernible fluffiness to it – it enlivens the body of the drink beyond the “watery Soylent Cacao” that some of us are used to drinking. There’s a definite infusion of “chocolate cushioning” that really feels substantial, and alarmable, as you drink. I’d love to know just how you accomplished this!

As usual, I donated two bottles to the front desk of my building because, they too (Samantha), was dying to taste the delight of Chocolate. At least three front desk Concierges are now Huel fans, with orders delivered, pending, or on the way; and they’re fans, because they see the improvement in me.

Yes, use the images, and the social media stuff, as you wish! I’m here to serve the greater goodness! SMILE!


Ha! That’s a perfect point!

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary, and Janna was sleeping in late – but I awakened her with an ice cubed Chocolate RTD and said, “You gotta try this right now!”

She awoke, drank the glass, and said, “Finally” – and drew back asleep.

Yes, today is the greatest!

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Ha ha ha. Probably not an effect of the Huel but a natural consequence of being woken abruptly.

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Yes, she was not happy with being awoken on her day off, but to taste the new Chocolate RTD Huel was worth the interruption. She’s up now, and reaffirming her taste for the new chocolate love! SMILE!

We’re also big Medjool Dates fans now, thanks to you. They’re the perfect dessert that doesn’t hurt you – so thanks, too, for that, my friend!

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Medjool dates + black coffee has become my “pre workout” some days.

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I wake up.

I have my Athletic Greens.

Followed by three Medjool Dates and grain drink.

I workout for an hour.

Then, time for Zico Coconut water followed by a Huel chaser.

It’s a great start to a an IF day!

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Glad you love it! Thanks

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I thank you for bringing such a new, fresh, taste to the RTD market!

The Chocolate tastes like a different product from the Berry and the Vanilla – big, good, changes!

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Someone was eager :rofl:

Thanks for sharing

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This morning’s feed was a fully chilled Chocolate RTD and it tasted even better than yesterday’s!

In the Reddit 'Lent forum someone asked me if the Chocolate RTD tasted like the chocolate Huel powder – like a thick pudding – and while I’ve never tasted any of the powders, there is certainly a pudding-like/frothy-mousse mouthfeel to the RTD that is unique.

Plus, when you shake the Chocolate RTD bottle, the drink feels different in the bottle – heavier, more substantial, not quite as liquid-like in the way of Vanilla RTD and Berry RTD.


Has anyone else tried the Huel Chocolate RTD? Let us know what you think of it!



The concierge in our building tried Chocolate RTD after I gave her two bottles, and she loved it! She said she had one at 6:30am and by 11:30am she was still full and satisfied – and she’s a SAD eater – but she keeps telling me she’s going to place a powder Huel order soon.

I previously gave her bottles of RTD Vanilla and RTD Berry to try. She wasn’t much for Vanilla – but her best friend loved it – and she liked Berry a lot; but of all of them, her absolute favorite is RTD Chocolate because “it’s like drinking pudding!”

So, score one there for the front desk!


Score for you for sharing