Reluctantly Happy Hueler!

Lemme start by saying I’m a texture girl, and I gagged on the first try. Like, literally, Huel U/U with strawberry flavor came out my nose. But my partner has lost 25 pounds on this stuff and I’ll be damned if I don’t try something to get this pudgy tire off my waist. So I stuck with it. I’m so glad I did, because now I can’t quit!

I started about three weeks ago with U/U strawberry, then banana, then, hey, maybe I should sweeten this (whoops) so I tried honey which ended up in one big glop in the bottom. So I moved to a tablespoon of real sugar (I’m allergic to false sugars, hence the avoidance of the Vanilla). Then I ordered chocolate and cappuccino flavors. Then I realized that the strawberry just wasn’t making the cut, but the banana with chocolate is good, and chocolate by itself mixed a little thinner than recommended tastes like chocolate milk with oatmeal-flavored sawdust mixed in, something I’m willing to ignore.

Because, holy crap, I feel great. The GERD that has plagued me for ages is all but gone. I’m more energetic. My bathroom trips are quick and painless. My ankles don’t swell anymore. Yeah, I have some Real Fud cravings, but generally speaking I know I’m getting the nutrition I need from Huel and that satisfies me, especially knowing that Real Fud gives me tummy upset now. Is there some sort of secret ingredient that makes bodies reject everything else, making you a slave to Huel? :wink:

I’m a type II diabetic and while my numbers aren’t out of control I’d like them to be better; I can tell that my sugars are improved on Huel. I haven’t dropped dramatic amounts of weight yet, probably because I’m not getting enough Huel quite yet (usually only drink two a day), but I’ve just gotten my first three-pack and I’m on subscription now.

So my big message is this: don’t quit if you don’t like it right away. Give it a few weeks, and hold your nose (and try not to gag), and let your body show you how much it likes Huel. It’s the best!


I’ve been wondering about that myself—like when you hear that junk food includes stuff that makes people continue to crave it. I loved Huel from the get-go (which is just weird). Maybe it’s the oatmeal-flavored sawdust. :wink:


Or maybe it’s that your body works better with nutritious Huel and once you stop gunking yourself with the typical American “food” options you learn to prefer the non-gunk form of nutrition.

This is probably what makes a lot of vegetarians/pescatarians/vegans stick with their strict food plan - but Huel is SO much easier. (Which is my preference)

If you purchase a car that requires premium gasoline but you use the cheap stuff you should expect performance problems and a reduction in engine life. Yeah, it’s kinda like that. :slight_smile:

Nah, I think it’s a secret ingredient that makes you addicted.