New Hueler and all is well

Actually, not so new since I just received my second shipment, which means that the first experimental batch went well and Huel now is a regular part of my life :grinning:

I made initial purchase after reading all of the good info Huel has about the product on its website, and browsing the comments (good, bad & ugly) here on the forum. My favorite flavor is Chocolate, but trying U/U in the second shipment to tone down the sucralose after-taste a bit. I think the taste is fine, even better when I experiment with different recipes. Biggest plus though is the convenience of simply measuring out two double scoop portions of Huel, toss in some scooby snacks to have in between, and my meal bag is set for the day. Makes my getting-out-door-routine in the mornings a whole lot easier.

Look forward to sharing more on this forum and using all good info and advice I find here.


Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear that everything is working out for you :slight_smile:

Not quite a month in for me, Iโ€™ll be getting my second shipment soon. I too am very happy on Huel. It really has made my life easier. I work night shift and eating is an issue so itโ€™s been nice prepping my shakes in the morning when I get home and grabbing on my way out with a few snacks. My weight is down and I have my husband wanting to do this with me now that heโ€™s seen how awesome it is.