Biggest Huel Fear


For the past several years I have been dealing with a hiatial hernia. With that I have had to deal with acid reflux as well.

Reading through the forums here and on Reddit, I’ve read several experiences where people have experienced acid reflux as a result of taking Huel. Which is something I do not understand and maybe I am missing something but I do not see any specific ingredients that would be a direct trigger for acid reflux?

That being said my greatest fear with Huel now is that it will trigger my acid reflux and I won’t be able to take full advantage of this product.

Is this something I should be concerned about with someone who has a hiatial hernia? If so is their anyway to work around this?


i also have a hiatial hernia (is that how you spell it? i never knew!) - my reflux was so bad that a sip of water would cause it to flare. my meds have a lot to do with controlling it now, but i know that if i am stupid with my food, i will still get the occasional flareup.

that being said, if you’ve got your personal reflux under control, i don’t think there is anything in Huel that should cause things to go boom. it all does depend on you though. what you’re mixing your huel with, that kind of stuff. it’s pretty tame, i’ve noticed that when i’m “properly” drinking it, (two meals a day) and not going overboard with my food at night, i’ve actually forgotten my meds once or twice and not had an issue.

good luck!


@shaunfather Greatly appreciate your feedback. That definitely puts me at ease. Thank you.


I have acid reflux, as diagnosed by an endoscopy and the BRAVO pH study. I had some nasty reflux years ago, giving me sore throats and a cough. I went on proton pump inhibitors which fixed a lot of that. Although certain foods still give me reflux and I cough (but it’s not acidic due to the meds).

I have been drinking Huel for a few months. It is very easy to digest. No reflux from it, even when I add fruit and peanut butter. Unless there is a specific ingredient in it that you know causes you reflux, you’ll likely find it very easy for a hiatal hernia.


@Deron Good to know that definitely makes me feel better. Thank You!