New to Huel: My thoughts

I am on day 5 with the approach of easing into to it so 3 scoops in the morning a day until my body gets used to it. I didn’t expect to be full for 4-5 hours, that is impressive. The heartburn started on day 3 and still happening in the morning. I have taken a Zantac the past two days but today I am going to see what happens if I don’t. Taste doesn’t bother me, I add in the chocolate flavoring. Few lumps here and there not a big deal. I have more energy on just 3 scoops can’t imagine what it will be like when I am doing 6-9 scoops a day. I plan on switching to two meals a day after day 7. Then after a month, I will likely switch to 100% Huel to get my weight down. At 160 when I started on Saturday, would like to get down to 140-145 which is a healthier weight for someone my size (5’6 male). I love how Huel makes my life so much easier and I am sure I will drop the pounds like many have. What a great product, my only regret was not finding it sooner. I only found out about it because of Soylent and I researched other similar products.

Regarding the heartburn:

  1. Have you ever had heartburn before starting Huel?

  2. Has chocolate products ever caused heart burn before for you? (Too much chocolate does to me.)

I have acid reflux and had two endoscopies and a BRAVO study. So, I know about heartburn. I know my trigger foods. And I take Omeprazole. But Huel has been very easy in regards to heartburn. I’ve experienced virtually no reflux issues while using it.

Yes, I have had heartburn before usually when I drink alcohol but that has been cut out. Chocolate doesn’t cause heartburn for me. After my endoscopy my doctor advised me to stay away from bread products. Today the heartburn was not as bad so I am seeing signs of it improving. Guess it has to get really bad before it gets good.

Wow, bread?! I usually find that is the easiest food to digest and is reflux free. Huh. Well, in general, we all need to minimize bread. Wheat flour isn’t good for us in excess.

Good that it’s getting better. I sometimes notice that part of the huel sticks in the back of the throat and it “feels” like possible refluxing. But I always follow every Huel consumption with a gulp of water and that helps with that.

I got heartburn for awhile at first, but that’s stopped. Make sure to drink water before you Huel. After probably doesn’t hurt either…