Referral reward on Subscription

I can’t figure out how to apply my referral reward on my subscription order.

Honestly, the whole referral bonus system needs work. I’m not the only person I know of who only found out through a friend that they’d used my referral code and had to ask someone at Huel to look into it before I got my referral bonus… that should happen automatically, shouldn’t it? I shouldn’t have to trace down everyone I suggest Huel to to ask if they used my referral in order to get the credit…

and then I can’t figure out how to USE that credit. I have a subscription, and I’d like to apply the referral bonus, I had hoped it would just automatically go on my next subscription, but it didn’t.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Note, I love the product, lest this seem like entirely complaining…)


Hi @Liam1965,

Unfortunately, referral discount codes must be manually applied to a subscription because Subscriptions and the referral program operate independently of each other.

You should have received an email confirmation for the referral once it was generated. In the referral confirmation email will be a code which you can apply to your subscription at

Alternatively, you can reach out to Huel Support and we can help apply the referral discount code to your account.

I was able to locate a referral discount associated with your account and applied it to your upcoming referral.

Let me know if you need further assistance.



Awesome. I wasn’t able to find where to apply it. Thanks!

Hi, I attempted to follow you directions; cancelling subscription, adding referral code and reactivating however when cancelled, no re-activate link became available and the subscription just disappeared. I guess I’ll wait till my next order to re-start the subscription. Perhaps making it easier to add referral codes to existing subscriptions (without cancellation) is in the works?

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