Cannot apply $15 referral code to subscription

I have a $15 referral code that I’ve been trying to apply to my subscription for a few weeks now. I’m copy-pasting it into the “Enter your discount code” section on the Subscriptions and Orders page. When I hit “Apply” I see a spinner and then “Discount applied” pops up, but nothing has actually changed. I tried this before my last subscription order shipped and no discount was applied.

I’d rather not make a one-time order just to use this code. What else can I do?

From my experience, to get the discount to apply:
After it says it’s been applied, either refresh that page or go back to the previous page and refresh it. It should then show the correct total.

I’ve tried that a couple times with no success.

That sucks. It works for me.

Hey there, just trying to help you out with your $15 referral discount. Could you please send over your code? We’ll check it out and either fix it or raise you a new one. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Done, emailed to