How do referrals work with subscriptions?

Are referrals applied automatically to my next subscription? Or is there another process? I don’t see anywhere to apply it on my account.

Hey Manny! Great question. Referral codes aren’t automatically applied to your subscription but you have the accessibility when managing your subscription at :raised_hands:t3:

Checkout the screenshot below! If you click upcoming deliveries on your left hand-side, and then edit delivery you’ll see the option to add your discount code!

Of course if you need any further assistance drop us a line at or hop on our Live Chat and we’ll get that added for you right away!

Enjoy the day :grin:

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Be aware that if you change anything about your order (like order date) after entering the code, you need to enter the code again. I have made that error way too many times and had orders go out without using the code.