Does your discount apply when your subscription renews?

I just opted in for the subscription to take advantage of the 10% discount. I was surprised to see that I was allowed to use my student discount as well for an additional 10% off. But, it looks like when my subscription renews, it will be regular price, without my student discount. Does anyone know if this is the case? If so, I don’t really see a point to having the subscription, I might as well use the student discount and order whenever I’m low or whenever I want, rather than to have the constraints of a subscription. Also, I doubt it, but is there a way to stack discounts? Such as if you are a student, servicemember, and medical staff all at the same time, can you stack them all for 30% off? Thanks.

You can use only code per order - Someone else might be able to check about adding the discount code to future subscription orders but I can’t check on that since I have no subscriptions.

I just order my Huel, with subscription, use discount code, and then cancel the subscription after ordering. And I do appreciate they allow us to do this - ordering what we need. Subscriptions probably help them to give an estimate of orders on the backend.

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Damn, I’m surprised they allow that without any kind of penalty. They should change it to “Subscribe and save 10% per order! (Applies to 2nd and subsequent deliveries)”

Hi Dan! When you subscribe with us your 10% discount is automatically applied on all orders. You can still add a student, referral or additional codes with the automatic student code, however, you are not able to stack them up in one sitting.

I have personally send you a message to help you with your student code.