How does the Referral Links work

Can someone explain how the referral program works? I’ve recommended 3 people to Huel and 2 have purchased with one more purchasing soon. I know they purchased it because I talk to them every day.

However, I have no way of keeping track and I have to pay full price for my purchase today.

I have only had one referral so far and they used the link emailed to them. I think there are multiple ways to refer. However, after they ordered I received an email that a $10 credit was waiting for me. I think I had to sign in and apply it to my next order though.

Hey Gordon! I would start by checking out our refer-a-friend guide, if you haven’t already, for the basics and additional tips. I can see you have made an account for the referral program, but no referrals have come through. Can you private message me with the name and email of your referrals so I can make sure you receive credit and that they have received their $10 off as well? If you ordered today and did not receive your credit, I would be happy to apply the discount to your order post-purchase.

I had the same question but then I realized our referrals have to purchase at least $50 worth of fuel to get the credit. With the discount off $10 they typically don’t meet the $50 requirement.

I’ve given eight people referrals and I think four of them have purchased so far.

What’s the easiest way to create private messages. A simple new or create message seems to be missing.

From this page.
(Click your icon in the top right, and then the envelope)

Hey Jack, if you have referred people and not received your credit after their purchases, please email myself or so we can manually take care of those referrals for you. Even if they purchase on subscription, you should be receiving credit nonetheless.

I have gone ahead and sent you a message to address this. For the future, if you click on my profile picture and hit message, you can send me a private message. You can also email us at anytime if you prefer.