2 bag minimum order?

Why is there a 2 bag minimum to order Huel powder? Is this a covid thing, like sample packs are sold out or something, or is it always like this?

I’m a (would be) first-time buyer and it seems kind of ridiculous that I can’t try out the product without committing to 34 meals of it and $65+. It’s hard to justify buying that much of something that I’ve never tried and might end up hating, I’d much rather buy a single bag.

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It’s always like this.

34 meals sounds like a lot, but it’s about 7 days worth if you follow the 2000 calories serving plan.

I mean, I’m not going to drink 2000 calories of Huel every day if I end up disliking the product. That’s my issue: there’s no way to TRY Huel without spending close to a hundred dollars on pure leap of faith (minimum non-subscription order is $72).

Even if I did end up loving Huel, I’m looking to replace 1-2 meals per day, not literally every meal. 35 meals would last me about a month. I’ve never bought a month’s worth of a food product without so much as tasting it first.

But if that’s the way the company does things, then that’s that, and my opinion doesn’t really matter. I think it turns off potential new customers, but maybe they have internal metrics showing this is the way to go.


I’ve been doing 1-2 meals a day (2 meals at least 5 days a week) since January 2019. Honestly, give it a fair shot before drawing any conclusions, I think you’ll be happy with the results.

That’s my point, I’d like to give it a fair shot so that I can draw a conclusion but the barrier of entry to do so is really high. 5 or 10 meals would be a fair shot; I’d be fine with ~17 meals (one bag, presumably around $35). If I hate the first 17 meals, I’m not going to drink another 17.

For every person who assures me that I’ll 100% definitely love it, there’s another person who says it’s one of the grossest things they’ve drank. Nobody’s wrong, it’s just up to personal taste, and that’s something I can’t know until I actually try it.


I remember thinking it was weird too before I bought my first order 2 years ago. Do it…or don’t. Your decision only affects you.
I love this product because it’s convenient, delicious, and I actually feel better when I drink at least one shake a day.


I hate to say it but sample packs or single bags probably aren’t ever going to happen. I’ve been on these boards and consuming Huel for more than 2 years, probably closer to 3, and many people have asked the same thing. Most of the time the answer from a Huel rep is something like “you can return any unopened bags if you are not satisfied”. That’s probably the best you’re gonna get.

to me sample ( in the food world) implies a smaller serving to taste test. my original take on the first timer offer “sampler” was they might have 1-5 servings of EACH flavor to see how they go down before ordering the full size bulk packs.

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