Problem ordering 1 bag of powder and 1 bag of black

Minimum order is 2 bags, but why can’t I order 1 bag of powder and 1 bag of Black? That is still 2 bags but the ordering will not allow it. Even if I have 2 bags of black already in the shopping cart I can not add just just 1 bag of powder.

Is this just an website ordering glitch? Can I call and place my order?


It’s not a glitch. They force you to buy 2 of the same thing for some reason. I don’t like it either. I think you can add one bag of white if you already have two bags of black in the cart by by clicking add sample or some such nonsense. Adding a single bag this way costs a lot more though. One bag added on costs a lot more than a minimum order of 2 bags divided by 2.

You are right. I was misinterpreting what they meant by sample. I was thinking that it would be a 2 or 3 serving size. Yes it appears to be about $10 more per bag.

If this is ever addressed, it would also be nice to be able to order one bag of powder and one bag of hot and savory.

It’s somewhat of a hinderance when ordering Huel while traveling, and I imagine it’s also barrier to newcomers who simply want to try both without committing nearly $200 and half a month worth of meals.

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@stewSqared The first time I ordered I ended up spending around 90 dollars. I got 2 flavors of regular Huel and one bag of Hot and Savory a la carte. The Hot and Savory is awful. I can’t stomach it. Needless to say I’m on the white stuff now. I’ve narrowed down the flavors I’m willing to eat on a regular basis.

Just ran into this last night. Tried to change one of the bags in my subscription to the Black version. When I removed the flavor I didn’t want, the “Update selection” button disappeared, and there was no way to add the Black powder. Why can’t we mix White and Black on the same subscription? Can’t we all just get along?

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