Recommendations on Bigger Shaker?

Been using Huel for a little over a year and a month now. Love it, even crave it! Satisfies me and stops me from hitting up vast amounts of junk food.

That being said, any recommendations on a bigger shaker that is similar to the Huel shaker that you get for free with your first order? The original shaker works great for me but I am wanting something bigger to either add another scoop or 2 of Huel or more water.

I find the original shaker leaves little in terms of space left for me to add more huel or water when i want too. Otherwise there is not enough room to shake it up properly.

Also, wondering if Huel will ever offer a bigger shaker, i am sure i am not the only one who would like to purchase one!




This is the shaker another brand uses, which has a bigger capacity (1L or 32oz). When I have used it I have had no problems with leaks or blending. It is quite sturdy as well. I am not telling you it is the best shaker in the world, but one that has worked fine for me.

SImilarly, you could search for other alternatives in Amazon ( I guess it is the easiest place to buy from).

I’ve moved to a 32 ounce insulated container for all my blended Huel meals. I find this provides the space needed for my 800 - 1000 calorie (estimate) doses that I make, plus extra space for a few ice cubes to keep it cold for the work shift.

I use the Blender Bottle brand. I find the shaker ball give me a better mix than the mesh grid in the original shaker. That said, I still have lumps occasionally, so I’ve started just using a blender to mix it then pouring it into the shaker. I like the Blender Bottles because they have a good tight seal, but the biggest one they make a 32oz (just a bit shy of 1L), so it may not be big enough for you.

I purchased a 45oz. Blender Bottle on Amazon if that is more to your liking, here is the link.