Recommended leak-proof shakers / bottles?

I used Huel for a month now and really like it!

Unfortunately, the Huel shaker leaked in my bag when I transported it to work. I tried to make sure that it was tight, but I guess it’s not leak-proof enough.

Any recommendations for a leak-proof shaker / bottle? I typically blend my Huel anyway so I rarely use the Huel shaker for its intended shaking purpose, but mostly as a way to measure the 14 oz of liquid.

Thanks in advance!

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I use this for most of my Huel doses at work. I blend the night before, using a little bit of crushed ice to get it cold right away. Then toss in the fridge. I leave enough room so that I can add about 4 or 5 ice cubes right before work to keep it very cold for about 7 hours until I drink it. Good seal. Easy to clean. They come as 20 ounce option too. I use 32 ounce size. I recommend getting a size that’s a little bigger than the total volume of fluid that you plan to use. Extra space is always nice to add fresh ice the morning of work. The mouth of the bottle is nice and big and I drink it directly from the bottle with ease.

I toss this thing in my backpack or lunch bag. It gets turned every direction. I’ve had the bag fall off the passenger seat from an abrupt stop. Never leaks.

CamelBak Chute Mag Vacuum Insulated 32oz Jet

I use blenderbottles. Never had any leaking problem, and i like this one:

The little container that you can attach on the bottom fits 2 scoops, so its very convenient.

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Can’t go wrong with the brand “BlenderBottle” (Not a sponsor).