Huel Water Bottle

Hello all, can anyone who has the white Huel water bottle provide the dimensions of the bottle? Really just wondering how tall it is and the mobile site is somewhat lacking in details. Also, is it insulated?

Hey @Sothan_Huel, can you help me with this information?

I say this out of respect, do yourself a favor and just get some nice nalgene bottles. Worth every penny. Don’t bother with mediocre branded bottles if you’re going to be using them every day.

Thanks for the recommendation, @skelooth. It looks like they only offer plastic bottles though, really looking for something stainless and insulated. How well do those keep the water cold?

The nalgenes are just what I like. The key to happiness is finding what works best for you. I only have the huel shaker, and they are kind of “standard issue bulk printed” shakers like you get from other sites. I sort of assume the insulated ones are similar. In that if you shop around sometimes there’s some really high quality stuff out there.

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That bottle with the mesh insert will never mix Huel enough, I don’t care how strong you are or how much you shake it. I use my Nutri-Bullet or if you don’t have one, use a blender. Part of the poor taste is because it is simply not mixed properly enough. If you’re finding undissolved chunks, it’s not mixed enough.

@HandbagJunkie, I respectfully disagree. I use the Huel shaker most days unless I am blending in frozen fruit and I rarely, if ever, have any chunks in mine. Maybe an occasional pea sized chunk. The only time I couldn’t mix it well was early on when I added the Huel to the shaker before the water and ice cubes. I know others have said similar things as you but I like it.

I use a Cuisinart smart stick blender. I like to add a tablespoon of peanut butter sometimes or a few pieces of fruit.

Just trying to offer ideas to people who are discouraged with the product

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I completely understand. Not everyone is going to make theirs the same way and some people don’t like the Huel shaker. You just made the statement that it “will never mix Huel enough” which in my experience it does.

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I mixed Huel once manually with the free shaker. That was the last time I ever did. Been using the blender ever since.