Recent changes in White Huel vanilla?

Did Huel make changes to the white vanilla? I’ve recieved 2 different orders (2 different batches) and they both taste weird. These 2 batches do not taste the same though, but both bad. It used to taste sweet and vanilla. Now I do not taste any sweetness or vanilla flavor.

I remember a while back that an uprising occured around the formula change from v1 to 2. A lot of the dissent was in regards to the loss of the oaty vanilla flavor and how it went straight McDonald’s milkshake on us. What you might be experiencing is the team @ Huel trying to balance out the formula.
Best thing to do is what you’ve already done by creating this thread for the team to read and be aware of. You can also contact Huel direct via email to get a straightforward answer.


Hey @vivianxly,
Sorry your Huel v3.0 vanilla has not been tasting right! I would drop our team an email at so we can look into this further for you!

I had the same experience. I am so sad right now. I wrote the help team and asked them to return to the original version. I loved it!

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@lxliken, I wrote back to the team as well. I got a replacement bag but it was still so bad. Different flavor from the initial bad bag, but still very bad. No more vanilla or sweetness. Tastes almost sour.