Bad Lot #95917 Vanilla tasteless anyone else?

Hi all!

I’ve recently contacted support and am getting a replacement sent for the two bags of Huel v.3.0 that I received.

Here’s the story. So about a month ago I purchased the vanilla v.3.0 for the first time and to my surprise unlike some of these reviews I liked the new v.3.0 vanilla flavor and texture. It was a little sweeter and more flavorful like. It was great. So I subscribed and after I finished those bags have received two new ones both the same vanilla v.3.0. This time however the vanilla flavor is almost nonexistent and has a bitter aftertaste. It’s almost like if they maybe ran out of sweetener or didn’t add as much flavor.

I’m wondering if anyone else with the lot number 95917 at the top of the bag or under the expiration date the number 191211 at the top of their vanilla v.3.0 bags has the same experience? It’s odd to me that the first bags I got were both amazing and flavorful but these supposedly same v.3.0 vanilla bags are almost unsweetened and hardly any vanilla flavor.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hiya @neptune692! Thanks so much for giving us a shout and passing along your lot number. I see you were chatting with Domenique yesterday and she was able to set you up with those replacements so I’ll be sure to communicate with our Quality team internally to get to the bottom of any issues with your lot.

We appreciate the feedback💪 I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Interesting, my first bag of 3.0 also has that lot number and I am super disappointed with the flavor compared to v1.1-us. I thought it tasted closer to 1.1 unsweetened, which I really dislike. Hopefully there is an issue with the batch, but I also don’t like the chocolate v3.0 I received (lot #96053) :frowning:


Yeah that’s how I would describe it almost unsweetened. If the first v.3.0 I got was any indication of how it’s supposed to taste it’s actually supposed to be much sweeter and have a pleasant vanilla flavor from what I could describe. I was very pleased with it so maybe you would be as well with a different batch.

Just wanted to follow up after I received my replacement bag of vanilla 3.0. Looks like the lot number on this one is 2L: 95917 the other one that tasted weird was 1L: 95917. I can confirm the 2L: 95917 tastes as expected. Thanks for the quick replacement and great customer service hopefully this flavor sticks around the way it is!

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Any chance the bland chocolate V3.0 I’m experiencing is just a bad lot too?

I need to check my lot number but I just got my first bags. One original, one vanilla. I love the original. Its the right amount of sweet.

But my vanilla is SUPER bland. It tastes like unsweetened oatmeal. I am getting the impression from this that it’s not supposed to be virtually unsweetened.

I’m pretty sensitive to sweetness. Usually i drink my coffee with no sugar or I might put maybe half a tsp of sugar in it and its more than enough to make it taste sweet to me. So the fact that I can taste nothing here make me think that I might have a bad batch.