First Time Using Huel

I have read some negative first time reviews of Huel and my first experience could not have been any more different.

The order
The shirt I requested arrived in the color and size I asked. I received more scoops than I requested and none of them were cracked.

The Flavor
Compared to other shakes with a vanilla flavor, Huel does lack in a pallet pleasing flavor. I would compare the flavor more to oatmeal of pancake batter! So is it a pleasant flavor, no. But I believe they sell flavor enhancers which I assume make it actually taste like something pleasurable. Furthermore, Huel is a complete nutritional drink, so all of the raw good stuff isn’t going to necessarily taste great. I did add peanut butter and blended it once and that was pretty good.
The consistency of the mix was pretty thick the first time I mixed it, and it was hard to drink. But I added more water and once it had more of a watery consistency I was able to drink it with no problems.
I am not a picky person when it comes to shakes and such, since I have drank my fair share over the years. So I don’t mind the taste of vanilla Huel. But everyone is different. Like my wife, who hated the taste!

The Satisfaction
I have found Huel to fill me up completely when I do 3 scoops in a mix. This was a big thing for me since I want to use Huel exclusively for breakfast/lunch to lose some weight. So the fact that each shake fills me up is awesome!

The Verdict
Overall, my first experience has been really good. I don’t really have alot to comment on for this section. I have only been using it for less than a week, but I think it is going to work really well for me. Once thing I am concerned about is running out before 30 days (auto shipping occurs every 30 days I believe). And since there is some lead time for the package to arrive after ordering, I might order an extra bag in between. I plan on using a total of 8 scoops per day 7 days a week. Since I am lazy and haven’t done the math, maybe someone has already figured out how many scoops are in a bag. OR, maybe it’s already written on the bag!

Hi Joe! Great to hear you’re liking your Huel so far!

In a standard serving of Huel, there are 3-4 scoops. Each bag contains 14 standard servings or “meals”. That would mean there is approximately 42-56 scoops per bag. 8 scoops per day is 56 scoops per week. You would need to order at least 4 bags to last 4 weeks. :+1: Hope this helps!