Question prior to possible return

Hi Everyone,
A couple of years ago I got my first (and so far only) order of Huel. To be honest at that time Huel was a bit rough for me. I did manage to get through the order but had to use some strong flavoring measures. Since then I have basically run the gauntlet of meal replacements from Soylent to Queal to Jimmy Joy. It’s about time to get more and I am considering trying Huel again and have a couple of questions about how things have changed since my last order.

1st How has the formula changed? Is the texture any better or the favor stronger.

2nd. Flavor boosts with Caffeine. I use meal replacement primarily as my breakfast. Is the mocha the only caffeinated flavor boost?

3rd. New flavors. What are the new Chocolate and Berry flavors like. How do they compare with the 1.0 vanilla that I had before?


Correct. All the rest should be caffeine free. But the new flavor additives use stevia to sweeten them and have been reformulated to taste better.

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