Any Experience Transitioning From Soylent To Huel?

Hi Everyone!
My diet has consisted mostly of Soylent since version 1.5, but have finally decided to make the switch to Huel after being let down by the company’s direction. Huel seems to be everything I wanted Soylent to be and I’m so excited to start!
With that said, my first shipment is scheduled to be delivered today (yay!) and I’m wondering how difficult the transition will be on my stomach. Since my gut is used to a diet that is almost entirely meal replacement drinks already, will I experience less stomach upset? I have been adding fiber to each serving of Soylent, so I’m hoping the fiber content won’t be a shock.
Has anyone made a similar transition? What was your experience like? How can I learn from your mistakes?

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I made the transfer from Soylent 1.8 to Huel in October. The taste is much different and it is grainier than Soylent, but 1.8 had terrible grit that I was happy to be done with. I also found that Huel was more filling than Soylent and kept me satiated longer. I thought Vanilla was too sweet and Unflavored was too bland but I found that 50/50 works well for me. I flavor sometimes with PB2 but flavor boosts are out now and I will likely get those. The day before flavor boosts came out Soylent released Cocao powder, so I moved my Huel delivery back a month and got a months worth. I like it and will probably incorporate some of it into my routine but I am unsure how much at this time because each serving has 15g of sugar, which is on par with 1.8 but it is still a lot for me. My stomach wasn’t upset per se, but I did have devastating farts for a bit until I got used to it, they lasted longer than I thought, maybe a couple weeks. I attributed it to the flax. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions just ask. Happy Hueling.


ive been converted for a month, this is my second. IMO it is a superior product, with caveats.

none of the chocolate flavors compare to the amazing flavor of soylent.

you HAVE to find a flavor mix that works for you.

Ive been emailing support and it seems my tastebuds are the odd man out on the pre mixed flavors of huel. they have mostly good responses, so take me with a grain of salt.

you will be increasing your daily fiber intake significantly.

I had crazy diarrhea and stomach cramps the first couple of days until i adjusted to it. was worth it in the long run imo. fiber = good.

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