Question about the scoops and powder

So I understand that we are supposed to be using new, differently sized scoops for the new powder. Is that only for the new flavors, or is that for all of them? If so, would the newly sized scoops come with our first order of the new powder or how would that work? Is our shaker the same or does that need to change as well? Since the scoops are now different, how much water would we add? I suppose I could calculate this myself, but I would rather just get an answer from you. Also, does the updated vanilla and original taste different, or does it still taste the same? Other than the optimized omega 6 to omega-3 ratio and the iron, what differences are there? Could you also explain what you mean by optimized ratio? I thought the ratio was fine before, so I am confused. What other changes are occurring, and will this just impact the new flavors or all of them? Also, I noticed that maltodextrin is in some of the flavor boosts. How will this affect the glycemic index, or is this just a negligible amount and it won’t matter?


Hi Sabra! The new scoops were changed mostly for simplicity. 1 scoop = 200kcal and 2 scoops = 400kcal. We released the new scoops along with our 1.1 as the calories and servings per pouch had to change on the label as well. That being said, scoops, new or old, can be used interchangeably as long as you adjust your number of scoops accordingly. As for the water, it should be around the same amount you currently use, maybe a little less. I’d still aim for the 16-20oz mark for a full meal portion, personally, but everyone’s tastes are different. Speaking of taste, the new vanilla is slightly different and our team’s opinions were split on whether it tasted sweeter/more flavorful or less sweet, so hard to say what each individual will think about it. In my opinion, the new vanilla is sweeter and creamier, but not overwhelmingly so. It still makes for a great base that blends well with other flavors and tastes. To learn more in detail about the changes, check out

As for glycemic index given the new flavor boosts, I will pass that one along to Mr. @JamesCollier.

There is a new serving suggestion on the labels and website for the new scoops.

The vanilla is the same flavor

See Teresa’s link for the changes in detail.

The amount of maltodextrin in the Flavor Boosts is tiny and the amount you consume is tiny, so any effect on glycemic index is irrelevant. Indeed, we will never be able to get a GI test on Flavor Boosts, since trial subjects would have to consume a huge amount or Flavor Boost only!

So the vanilla is not supposed to taste different at all? I noticed that the fats are a little bit different in the nutrition, would that affect the glycemic index of the powder?

Sabra Ewing

There might be a very slight detectable change in the vanilla flavor - on trials a few people claimed they could tell the difference, but most didn’t.

GI - unlikely, a test is being booked

Thank you so much. I figured it wouldn’t really be that different, but was just making sure. I have insulin resistance because of polycystic ovarian syndrome, and I need to be on a low G.I. diet as a result of that, so I was just making sure it did not change that much. I just had one more question. How many milliliters are the new scoops. I am just wondering because I found a pack of these storage containers that I think would be good. They are 6 ounce storage containers, and based on my calculations, that should be about right to store two of the new scoops. I actually calculated that if you had two scoops, that would be 6.2 ounces, but I could only find a 6 ounce container. However, if you account for the fact that the powder might get a bit packed down and all of that stuff, it will probably still be right. But I am not sure if my calculations are actually correct. I did those calculations based on the weight of the old formula and the wait for the new formula could have changed, making my calculations inaccurate. I calculated 92.4 mL for each scoop, but I’m not sure if that is right. I was mainly looking for storage containers that I can take with me and so that I can make some meals ahead of time in the container, just without adding the water like I could put my powder in there and any flavorings just there in that container. Once I measured the powder exactly using the container, I could pack it down once it was measured and then I would have room for something like one or 2 teaspoons of flavoring. But these little jars do you seem perfect if my calculations are correct. It is only seven dollars for 15 of them.

Sabra Ewing

Thanks for bringing up the issue of the scoops, along with the other issues you raise. I would like to see more, different sized scoops available (better quality too.) I prefer a 500 cal serving, so if Huel offered 250 cal or 167 cal scoops that would work for me.

If you get the older scoops, you can get a 500 cal serving. Also, if you want to be very exact like you were talking about, a scoop probably is it for you. You can get a scale and just Way it in grams. I want to be pretty exact, but I don’t need to get down to the gram so the scoop is fine for me.

Sabra Ewing

Fun fact! You can use a standard measuring cup (1 cup) and that will get you around the 500kcal mark, but the only way to be exact would be a food scale. :slight_smile:

Here’s how I interpret the scoops and new labeling and whatnot. It’s a homogenous mixed powder. It doesn’t really matter how much I use. Just use as much or as little as fits for my style for that day. To me the nutrition label is for information, not a prescription.

Thanks, all. OK, that does it. I’m tossing out all those little plastic scoops that are cluttering up my drawer (not just from Huel but from other instant food companies too) and going back to metal measuring cups. Sometimes the old ways are the best. (-;

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I do that btw - put some plain Huel in a shaker bottle (along with a little miso), and bring it with me, then add the water later. That works out fine.

Personally, I use a 1/3 cup metal scoop that works perfect for me. I don’t need my shake to be exactly 500 calories but I know 3 scoops of 1/3 gets me close enough