Formulation change or Locality Variance? 500cal vs 400

Good Morning everyone,

Up until recently I had been sourcing my Huel from Amazon, the formulation I received was 500cal / 100g of Huel (Vanilla, Sweetened)… Now I have switched to ordering from, I ordered the Berry and Chocolate varieties and have noticed it is now claiming 400 cal / scoop.

Is this due to a Huel reformulation or due to regional / geographies? Or related to the flavor? The size of the scoop? I haven’t deep dived on this yet to explain the difference as it might just be a simple answer.



The calories per gram remain relatively unchanged. They introduced a slightly bigger scoop, and changed the serving size on the label from 500cal/127g (about 3 of the old, smaller scoops) to 400cal/100g (2 of the new, bigger scoops). This was done for all flavors around the holidays.


Hey @axi0n! We reformulated our product to be 400 calories simply because more people were requesting meals of 400 calories rather than the 500 calorie portions. If you wish to continue with the 500 calorie portions though, just continue using your old scoops! :slight_smile:

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I thought the new scoop looked bigger… However I just wanted to be 100% sure since the vol/weight of the bags was the same that it didn’t get cut with filler to have people buy more to maintain their calorie count…

I mean I am sure its easy enough to adjust but I just like knowing exactly what the portion to calorie intake is so I can track it vs. my A1C.

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I like this change! My shakes are supposed to be roughly 500 calories for my weight loss program. Now I have 100 calories worth of play to add taste enhancers like almond milk, frozen berries, etc!

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It’s to make everything standardized. Huel RTD is 400 calories in a prefilled bottle. So, might as well make the powder’s labeling show a 400 calorie “serving”.

Me, I’ve always winged it. Although I may have overdone it with tonight’s meal. Instead of a Huel shake, I made an overnight oats fortified with Huel. I dumped a heaping OG scoop into some non-measured oats, a few spoons of sunflower seeds, and poured an unknown quantity of oat milk to cover completely. Sat in fridge overnight. Reheated this afternoon and topped with berries. It was good, but now it’s catching up with me. Probably ate it faster than my brain could feel full.

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