Overly complicated

This stuff is just to complicated and I don’t get it why it needs to be. Do I have a new scoop or old scoop? V1 or 1.1 or whatever, I don’t know what I have. What is the nutritional info for one scoop? How many scoops are in one bag? Thats all I need to know, basic info. So I can put it in my fitness pal by the scoop and get on with my day.

I believe the new scoop is bigger and you only use two scoops in your drink.

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Dude, if you have a kitchen scale, that’s the best way to do it. 100 grams of Huel = 400 calories. And just use that proportion. 125 (or 127) grams = 500 calories. Their labeling is based on the weight of it.

You’ll know which scoop you have when you weigh out 1 leveled scoop.


I can confirm that you ordered prior to our launch of the new scoops and powder. You should have received a booklet with instructions and info for the 1.0 formula, but just in case, you can check it out at my.huel.com/welcome.

I currently use 2 old-scoops of 2018-Vanilla for a pre-lunch.
If I want to keep roughly the same calories, can I use 2 old-scoops of 2019-Vanilla, or do I have to do 1.33 new-scoops (difficult to measure accurately)?

You should just be able to use your old scoops as normal. The new scoops are bigger, and the new serving is 100 g. The old serving is 114 g. So if you say 450 cal at 114 g versus 400 cal at 100 g, it is about the same. If you estimate that it is about 4 cal per gram, 400 cal per 100 g, just take away the zeros, and then you say 4×114, you get 456, which is about the same. The new scoops just allow you to easily do the 100 g serving size and do you have to use less scoops instead of the 114 g serving size.

I just got my new scoop. I have a kitchen scale. When I used it as directed, pack the powder by using the inside of the bag, the new scoop held 60g of powder. The old one, 40g. 60x2 or 40x3, it’s the same.

Has the nutritional composition of the powder changed? I haven’t ordered recently, but will be again soon. The chocolate. Can hardly wait.

Ok. I just read a bunch more about the measurements, so never mind on that.

I still want to know if the composition of the chocolate is different.

You guys just don’t get it. Just put on the bag the nutritional info for one scoop. And how many scoops are in the bag. Now that there are two scoops put big and little scoop on the bag. Three scoop recomendation. All this weighing and scoop sizes and recomendations…make it simple so you can just scoop, shake, drink. Like all the other products out there. I can figure it out but why make it so complicated.

There are two big scoops in a serving. If the bag says there are 17 servings, that’s about 34 scoops. For each scoop, to find out its nutritional content, divide by two. 400 calories becomes 200. 29 grams of protein becomes 14.5 grams of protein.

A little bit of math is required, its true, but its not algebra or anything, just multiplying and dividing by two. I think 200 calorie scoops make sense as it allows for 200, 400, 600 calorie portions. A 400 calorie scoop would not allow for as many options, just 400 and perhaps 800 for heavy users.

I do 400 calorie shakes, so two of the bigger scoops. I don’t weigh it out, I just add them to some water, shake, and chug. There might be a variance in how many calories I’m taking in because of this, but that is fine with me; the easier something is, the more likely I am to stick to it.

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All of our Huel powders have the same great nutritious content, regardless of flavor. :+1:

I do not think that it is complicated. Actually, I believe that Huel has taken more effort to make sure I understand a serving size than other companies. If I get something like chips or cookies, they make it really hard for me to figure out because they could be like, 130 cal per 1 ounce serving, but I don’t know how much that is. Nothing at you by will ever just tell you the calories in the whole bag because they are expecting you to eat the whole bag at once. If you want to be less complicated, then pick a serving size and stick to it. The nutritional information that is up there is for the new serving size, so you can just have your same powder, and you can use the nutritional information for the new or the old serving size depending on what you are using. I’m going to be switching to the new scoops.

You can think what you want want. I didn’t ask for serving size for the whole bag. Every protein powder you buy has serving size by the scoop and how many scoops are in the container. Every thing else you buy is the same way. A bag of cookies says 3oz per serving and next to it it days “about three cookies” and it says how many serving are in the bag. It will never be exact, even with a scale because there will be residual amounts left in the cup. If you want exact, good luck.

I don’t care about exact, I want it simple. Don’t make me do math. Two scoops and go, three scoops and go. Easy. This stuff says by the cup on the bag. I’ll bet dollars to donuts it would sell more if it was simplified.

In all seriousness, no.

Glad you found what works for you though.

Just so you know @Bigboy, even in the picture you posted the directions for how many scoops per 500 calories are clearly printed just to the left of the nutrition facts.

@kris4183, You are correct, it’s there. But I think it should just have one set of info and it should be by the scoop. Just my opinion. I have figured out what works for me. I think they would get more users of the simplified it. I love the product.

@miked, yeah it is overly complicated. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to figure out. It could be much simpler though. I’ve never had to “figure out” other products. Its an open fourm here, you dont have to agree with me. So you can go back to playing with your Barbie shoes or scoops or whatever that is supposed to mean.

Well, then make sure you have the new scoops, and it is 17 servings, two scoops per serving, 400 cal per serving. If you have the old scoops, it is three scoops per serving, 14 servings, 450 cal per serving. All the information is there on the bag and on the website. Even shows you your fat, protein, carbs, and nutrients for each serving. The information you will see on the website is for the 17 servings because that is the new scoops that we are all switching to. You can keep your old scoops if you want, but they are being discontinued. I personally want to be up to date and be with the new scoops.

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