Serving size...What did I miss?

I hadn’t ordered in a while. When did the serving size go from 3 scoops and 500 calories to 2 scoops and 400 calories? Decrease in micro nutrients appears to be about the ratio as the portion size reduction. Volume by weight in the bag is also slightly less than my last bags. It appears if I mix like the old proportion (3 old scoops - 127g) I will be back at 500 calories. Not an issue, just curious about the change.

It happened towards the end of last year. 3 38g scoops was just a bit messy and consuming so now 2 50g scoops makes weighing and measuring a lot easier.

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I also prefer a 500 calorie serving - 400 is a little light for me. So isn’t that 2 1/2 scoops? That is what I’ve been doing.

So the new scoops (with slanted sides) hold 200 cal and the older scoops hold 167 cal or so? Is that heaping or level scoops?

Occasionally I actually weigh the serving and for me it’s usually heaping scoops. With the new Huel, it’s 125g for 500 kcal

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