Question about serving size

According to the calorie calculator I should consume 1800 calories to maintain my weight. I believe a typical days worth of Huel is 2000 calories. If I only consume 1800 calories of Huel will I have less than all of the nutrients that I require? If I use less than the full 2000 calories of Huel should I also take a multivitamin?

if i understand the nutritional facts correctly, the vitamin percentages are based on a 2000 calorie diet. if you are smaller than average, you would need less vitamins, so it should still be 100%. the only issue is if you are eating at a calorie deficit.

From what I was taught in pharmacy school, the recommended daily allowance of vitamins is an overestimate for the vast majority of the population. They take the minimal amount needed, multiply it by some fudge factor to compensate for the small number of people who have malabsorption problems. Most people can do fine with less than 100% RDA of vitamins.

You’ll be fine.

I’m more concerned by your name. You really shouldn’t forget to take your meds. There are all kinds of medication compliance devices available.

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