Question about Huel subscription and grouping

Sorry, British English is not my first language (Being a bit funny here, sorry, British humor isn’t my thing either)

Anyways, I’ve tried the American competition to Huel and in their case, I was able to use the scoop to evenly create meals and consume them. I’ve heard that to this with Huel, I need kitchen scales. Is this true? How do people without kitchen scales make their meals and counter this issue?

Also, when on the Huel subscription, does it still take 5-7 days to ship to the US? This could be a problem, see. If the package is good for 6 weeks, then after 42 days I will have nothing to eat for 5-7 days, within that time period I might starve. Please don’t tell me to eat real food within this time period. Or does the Huel arrive every 6 weeks? I’m confused about this.

Huel is good unopened for a year, so when you are down to two/one bag … order more.

The issues people had with lagging deliveries are much less problematic now - and once you have some stocked in your pantry you can just order before you’re on your last scoop.

I just use a scoop, it’s accurate enough for me. As for shipping, you have to order at least 2 bags, and you can set the delivery schedule to anywhere from 1 - 10 weeks. Once you actually figure out how much you’re using per week, you should be able to figure out a schedule that will work without ever running out.

What’s a kitchen scale? Not heard of this before. Well, whatever form of witchcraft that device is, I’ve never used it to make Huel. I do all my Huel doses by 2 or 3 scoops. The people on the forum have estimated that the 500 calorie serving (1 cup) is 3 heaping scoops, or 3 and a quarter leveled scoops. Close enough.

In regards to the subscription service, I’d advise you to skip it and order as needed. Order from the Huel site about 15 days before you anticipate running out. You can still get a good deal if you order like 6 or more bags at a time. Or, if you want faster shipping, Huel can be ordered from Amazon 2 bags at a time. Amazon now carries the Huel flavor pouches as well.