New Vanilla Makes Me Happy

I just made my first shake with new vanilla, and I really like it. I think the primary improvement is that the taste of artificial sweeteners is much reduced. In fact, the sweetness as a whole is reduced. I always mixed my original vanilla with about 30% UU to make it less sweet. I don’t have to do that now.

Everyone is different, but I’m surprised by the negative reactions here so far. I find the flavor to be a pretty mild vanilla. And it actually tastes like vanilla, unlike original which, to me, was just sweet.

I do agree that it takes additional flavors differently. The kefir I added was more pronounced, and the frozen mango chunks I added (after first tasting the Huel without them), were less pronounced. Nothing that can’t be adjusted.

Tomorrow I’ll try mixing it with chocolate Huel, which some here have recommended.


Thank you so much for the feedback!:heart_eyes: I’m so happy you’re a fan of New Vanilla. If you have any questions in the future just give me a shout​:+1:

I’ve only had it now in RTD form, but I agree it’s much better. It tastes a lot less artificial and a lot more natural. I think if Huel’s production has the capacity scale it there may be room for both an “Original” and “Vanilla” flavor. I don’t know if I’d really consider original to be vanilla as it’s really not vanilla as I’ve ever known it.

Flavor is such a sensitive topic that I can sympathize with, but never truly understood. I pretty much like any and all things. I dove in the deep end with Huel and bought two bags UU as my first experience. I had no idea what to expect. I knew it’d be rather bland, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was prepared for. Once chocolate came out I’ve gone all-in on a balance of all the different flavors.

Dude RTD is the same… Hasn’t changed as the powdered version has. Try that then come back.

I mixed a 50/50 blend of chocolate and new vanilla with .5 cup kefir, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and some water. I was surprised at how much I love it. I don’t enjoy the chocolate alone very often, but this combination really hit the spot.

This is what is so strange to me. How can you say “New Vanilla Makes Me Happy” when you aren’t even tasting it? You mixed in half chocolate, then some kefir, a cup of almond milk, and then the water. How is this a fair evaluation of the new Vanilla as it is?

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That was my second shake. In my original post above, I tried my first shake with kefir and water only. And it’s a fair comparison to original because I made it the same way. The kefir is homemade and unflavored.

Off topic, but how is this made? Do you start with dairy milk and do some kind of heating or cooking to get it to a kefir?

I used to drink kefir back in my omnivore days. And, yes, it tasted real good. Obviously there is no plant-based counterpart available, so I am curious to see how homemade kefir is made and wondering if the same process could be applied to oat milk (which, technically isn’t milk).

I start with milk and add kefir grains (there’s a whole process of “reviving” kefir grains when you are first starting out with them).

I leave the grains in the milk, covered with a coffee filter, at room temperature for 24 to 36 hours and they culture the milk. I strain the grains from the milk (now kefir), then seal the jar with the kefir and put it in a dark cabinet for another 8 hours for a secondary ferment, which increases the probiotics. The result of all this is a very tangy drink that I love in Huel. It brightens it a lot.

Some people use alt-milks, but I haven’t tried it. But there is another type of kefir grain that uses water, not milk, and creates a kind of naturally carbonated beverage that can be flavored with fruit juices. It is also probiotic rich.

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Here are some vegan options for making kefir:

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I agree. I like the new vanilla. If I want a sweeter taste I just mix with a banana or other fruit. I like adding milk, water and ice to my mixes. Just a better taste for me, especially if it’s straight.

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Yeah I used to make water kefir a lot, starting with grains from Cultures For Health. That was kinda the problem, since once you start making it you’re on the hook to make more every couple days to keep the kefir happy. But it was fun making different flavored secondary ferments. I might start doing that again.

Yeah, it took me awhile to find a rythym. I make 5 batches of 2 cups each, and then rest the grains in the fridge for about two weeks. They don’t seem to mind :slight_smile:

Finally got around to comparing vanilla rtd to my vanilla powder from May and they are nothing alike. Has rtd just been different all along?