Two scoops or three?

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I just received my first two bags and am trying to get the serving size right. The bag itself says 1 cup/serving (about two scoops, packed) equals about 127g/500cal, but the instruction packet explaining the perfect Huel says 3 scoops is equal to 456cals and 2 scoops is equal to 304cals.

I weighed the two packed scoops and it came out to be 127ish grams, so I’m unsure which is ideal if you want 500cals per serving based on the conflicting information.


I would follow the bag info. Huel recently changed their scoop size to decrease the number of scoops from 3 to 2, but maybe the instruction packet is not yet updated. Also weighing it is the best way to go, and when weighing you can really use anything to scoop the powder.

Also feel free to experiment with how much Huel you like in your shakes. I usually do 75-115g depending on what else I am mixing in, and others like more/less to get the consistency they want.

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Perfect. Good to know about the differing information and great point about considering the added ingredients and those caloric benefits. Thanks, Bobbins. Appreciate it!

The upcoming changes to powdered Huel are supposed to list 400 calories (100 grams) as a “serving”, although the ratio of ingredients is the same so the old formula still applies (127 grams = 500 calories) and the total amount of powder per Huel bag is the same. It’s the same Huel as before.

Their new scoop should now provide 50 grams per scoop, so a 400 calorie serving will be two leveled scoops of the new scoop. They probably did this to simplify, since the ready-to-drink Huel bottles are 400 calories per bottle.


I have 2 x scoops for 304 calories x

Huel changed the scoop size. Everything is super confusing when we say scoops. The best advice is to use 100g of Huel for 400 calories, or 137g of Huel for 500 calories


I just got my starter pack which has two bags of vanilla powder. I was expecting the serving size to yield 400 calories per what I found on the website but the bag wanted me to use 3 scoops at 500 calories. I opted to use just 2 scoops with 16 oz of water and it was excellent and filling. I plan on sticking with two scoops per serving 3x per day to create a bigger caloric deficit so 6 scoops per day vs 9.

Hey @Vox, it sounds like you got some bags of the original version 1.0 which had that serving size on the bags. Did you order directly from Huel or on Amazon? Honestly, you can make each serving to be however many calories you want. Some people prefer the new recommendation of 400 but I still prefer the old of 500. There are some who only make 200 calorie portions as well.

@kris4183 I purchased a starter kit from Amazon. I’m guessing the order I placed from which has been shipped will be version 1.1 with the correct scoop.

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Hey Vox. If you ordered off Amazon it will be 1.0 which calls for the three scoops. Bags off of our site are now fully 1.1 so those call for two scoops. The scoops should look differently as well.