Product is Unavaliable

So, apparently Huel (USA) is sold out of chocolate and vanilla? I’ve tried and they cannot be selected at checkout.

As a newbie, does this happen often? I hate to mention the obvious, but a well run group must not let that happen…people are logged in…they are ready to spend money…and…then can’t. I could write a page on why that is inherently bad, but I’ll spare everyone.

Wondering how often this occurs and am I stuck buying “Berry” flavor? Wonder what that is like. Ok, thanks for feedback…Maybe I’ll have to try another brand for now :frowning:

Ahhh! Don’t try any other brands, we’ll miss you :disappointed_relieved: But with that being said we tend to constantly be in stock of our Huel products! So no need to fear in the future :grin: We’re transitioning to a new version of our powder (the best version ever, you’ll love it) this Wednesday where we’ll be back in stock of all of our lovely flavors. I hope you can hold tight with us for a couple more days because I truly think you’ll love this new powder!:heart: I hope you have a phenomenal weekend and an ever better holiday season.

Well, I ordered 3 bags of the Glitter Free Vanilla, so, I guess I’ll try the new stuff next time.
BTW, Vanilla w/ some peanut butter powerder BOOM
or Vanilla, with oj, and an oarnge and ice in the blender BOOM
or Vanilla with the Choc Mint Favor Boostie… not bad either.